A Crisp Quart Cup of Ice Water – Audio Story

For this project I set out with a goal of sharing a short experience from memories of working as a cook. In the Southern GA heat, kitchen life was a rough way to spend the working hours. A tall glass of ice water was a blissful escape. I wanted to recreate that feeling, using audio to better convey the experience.

The music and sound clips are all CC materials. I ended up using Adobe Audition* for this project as we’re currently covering it in our Time-Based Tools class and I had another recording project. Studio time is valuable, you’ve got to have everything prepped and ready to go. Once everything is set-up and the levels are good you may as well record everything you can. No telling when another quiet moment will come along.

Using multiple tracks with key-framed levels helped to balance and time the audio segments.

I had a lot of fun with this project, especially when I was listening to the various samples in order to select the right audio. I like how distinctive the sounds of glass and ice are. It was also fun watching my partner’s face grimace during the section on what it’s like going too long without water. It gave me a good sense that the clips were bringing a feeling of distress across to the listener.

Not that I’d want the listener to be distressed for long! Just helped ‘sell’ that piece of the story. I hoped to achieve a story similar to the qualities of an iced glass of water. Something to sip on for a brief moment of refreshment that you could easily forget about a moment later. 

Although, after listening you may desire…

…a crisp quart cup filled to the brim with ice and water.

Thanks for listening!

*I do still love audacity though, it’s an amazing piece of free open source software. And my go to tool of choice when helping others with audio related projects. The interface is clean, there are plentiful filters included, and the import/export options are phenomenal.

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  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    Awesome work as always Greyson. The audio quality is fantastic and the way you interweave your voice with the sound effects and music you use is wonderful. Creating an image of being in a sweltering kitchen is not exactly an easy feat, but you’ve done it perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

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