F19-P3 Professional Outcomes of a Media Design Degree.


Who wants to work? No one really. It’s said, if you do what you love; you will never work another day in your life. Ultimately I think that is the goal of most media design students. We have all been inspired or moved by a photo, movie, or even a youtube video. I have found enjoyment of the beauty around us when we take the time to appreciate it. I have spent much of my life focused on what it takes to get the bills paid. But in this chapter of my life I would like to “pay the bills” doing what I love.

I’m writing about Tomsbiketrip.com page. Tom has been blogging about his bike trips all around the world. His most recent post is about a “bike packing” trip he took to Armenia. The ride that he blogs about was for a charity fundraiser.

Tom offers tips for your first bike tour.https://tomsbiketrip.com/planning-a-bike-tour/

These will definitely come in useful, if you do decide to take on a feat of this type. 

Tomsbiketrip.com page is easy to navigate and well organized. 

I personally love riding bikes, but for usually no more than 10 miles at a time, and mostly downhill. I don’t see myself following in Toms footsteps. But I am Inspired that he is able to travel the world and present his views and advice on the subject.