I’ve never really searched through blogs in the past and recently, the closest I’ve gotten is just looking through some of my favorite photographers websites. But recently I have found an amazing site/blog which has a ton of really cool videos, information and tutorials for aspiring cinematographers. In his blog page he has a huge variety of different posts varying from projects he’s done and his story and stories behind the work he’s done. He also has some good info on professional grade film cameras and unique cameras and accessories, his information is great for people who are interested in cinema and you can learn a lot from him!

Mathew Scott is a Cinematographer, I haven’t been able to find out too much about him through the website but I do know he’s very informative. what I like about his page is how honest and helpful he is with his videos and writings. He has really good advice and really well produced tutorials which I feel will be very helpful for some projects that id like to work on.

In the lighting section he has sample videos and demonstrates the process of how he did the lighting for the shot

Its really cool to have access to different tutorials and information coming from a professional. I have never been big on studio lighting, I mostly cable around with what I can get a hold of at home or maybe some cool light or reflective item I’ve seen at my friends house. But it is very important to understand industry standards and what you will be getting into, so I will be researching and learning from his website to hopefully advance my work.

Sensor cropping, Super sampling and Chromatic Aberrations.
Which I have no idea what it is.

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  1. Brian McCalla

    This is pretty cool. I’ve always been curious about cinematography. It’s great that they have tutorials like this for people who want to break in to that industry. Good job.


    1. D.S.H.Z

      Thanks Brian I appreciate the feedback! I hope this site can show you more about what you’re curious about in cinematography.


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