F19-p1 About Me

Hello my name is Matt Larson. I am a multimedia student and this is my first semester at Lane Community College. I Have lived in Eugene Oregon for the past 3 years and have really enjoyed my time here so far. I was born in California and moved to New York and Texas as a child and then ended up back in California in the Marines. I met my wife while I was stationed in 29 palms and stayed in California after I was discharged.

I love travelling so on a trip to Washington to visit some friends we passed through Oregon and loved it so much we decided to move here. After I moved here I found out that in order for me to do plumbing like I did in California I would have to take a 4 year journeyman’s program. I decided that because I like to travel so much that maybe it would be a good idea to get into a career that lets me work with computers so I can travel more and work remotely. I’m not really sure what my goals are with this degree plan but it seems like there are several fun avenues I can work in so I’m excited to learn as much as I can and figure what I like along the way.