A stroll through the best campus in North America

The Equipment Checkout Counter

Come here for amazing gear and friendly faces! They will even answer questions!

The Blue Wall Studio

So blue even if the blue man group were there, you wouldn’t be able to see them.

Center for Student Engagement

Free Popcorn, need I say more?

Art Gallery

Come here to see beautiful art pieces and get inspired by ridiculously talented people!

The Art-O-Mat

Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art!

Reference Counter

Ask questions and you shall receive answers! It also seems like they post some great events, jobs, etc here!

Silver Sculpture

Rumor has it; if you stand under here and say “beam me up” 3 times, aliens will appear!

Ingram Alders office

Administrative Specialist
Office: Bldg. 11, Room 101

Student Help Desk

Building 2, 1st Floor

Judy Gates’s Office

Bldg. 11 Room 118

Teresa’s Office

Bldg. 18, Room 222

The Flags

Main Campus, Bldg. 1. This is where your enrollment, advising and financial aid questions will be answered!

Creative Shot

‘Conception of Creation’ a bronze sculpture by Roger Williams

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  1. Audrey Scully

    You have really layout on your blog post, with the titles accentuated in larger text and body text smaller. Additionally, very creative photos utilizing screen within a screen and depth of field and other techniques the work very well.

  2. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    I love the fact that every individual photo really tells a story for the LCC campus. The lighting, Depth of Field, small details and more are amazing. You really have a great photographer’s eye.

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