Casing the LCC campus

I’d been referred to the job and sworn to secrecy regarding the origins of the tip. Not that there were many beans to spill, just a list of thirteen clues. However, I was on the hunt for one of the worlds greatest treasures and any clue was invaluable. There’d be time to work on memoirs later, now it was time for the hunt!

Closed equipment counter.
1. The Equipment Checkout Counter – Rumors about campus hinted that this was the place to score gear, if you had the right class credentials.
Studio with blue cyc wall and long table with chairs.
2. The Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall” – Across the hall from the checkout counter was a prime area for setting up equipment and securing “stellar” shots utilizing the studio’s cyc wall.
room down hall at top of stairs
3. Center for Student Engagement – Examining clue 3, I wondered if I’d stared at the deep uniform blue cyc wall too long.
sculpture of winged female figure amidst art gallery
4. The Art Gallery – Here was a place to recalibrate my perception and seek exposure to a full range of tones and hues. Each exhibit offering a fresh medium for meditation.
ART O Matic vending machine
5. The Art-O-Mat – “We believe that art should be progressive, yet personal and approachable. What better way to do this, than with a heavy cold steel machine?” (AIC)
library student help desk
6. Student Help Desk in Library – Clue six led me to the SHeD helpdesk, a wonderful resource for seeking assistance in the many tools and technologies I’d be utilizing along the quest.
Silver sculpture amidst courtyard
7. Large Silver Sculpture – Captured this shot around the moment Audrey was working on theirs. (Two knees behind signpost) Also, learned about the design of the H&W Building.
office with standing desk, plants, and soft lighting
8. Ingram’s Office – I haven’t gotten to work with Ingram yet, but I know that a standing desk means business and positive ergonomics!
door into Academic technology center
9. Academic Technology Center – Here was a motherlode of specialists all ensuring smooth operations about campus.
office with woman at computer
10. Judy Gates’s Office – I took an opportunity to consult the oracle and confirm we’d charted the right courses for this quest.
office with desk and chairs
11. Teresa’s Office – A serene scene just around the corner from the equipment counter and blue cyc studio.
Country flags from around world, pride flag in foreground
12. Student’s First Building – An initial step in the beginning of anyone’s quest for the ultimate treasure. Prior to taking this shot I was inspired by a custom shirt with the phrase “Positive Energy Only” and also met Lorenzo, who designed the shirt. Quite serendipitous. (I used a cell phone for this shot & #13 so I was not at risk of blinding myself.)
Sunny day
13. A Perfect Day – I’d covered the clues and cased the campus. I was ready to embark on a quest for the greatest treasure. For now, it was rewarding enough to relax and soak up the sunshine.

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