A Lane Campus Tour

The Equipment checkout counter where Media Arts students checkout gear – bldg 18

Really? More photos…

On my third day of photography, I chose to take capture this image after scheduling an equipment pick-up. Glad that we have equipment rentals that are made available to those of us living off of Ramen.   

The Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall” – bldg 18

Got a Light?

After the equipment checkout, I walked in the studio production room. I found instructor Hughes and Stark working with students on media work. I decided to ninja on through and snap a light and ninja roll out afterwards.

Center for Student Engagement in the Center building

Rat’s POV

On the actual first day of the Scavenger Hunt, I went to the center building to find this one on the second floor. When I arrived, my eyes were glued to the ground due to shadows making patterns. So, I decided to incorporate those shadows with the door to the center.  

The main Art Gallery on campus – bldg 11

Angel among us

The main art gallery was closed the first day and I had to revisit it the next day. The art work in the exhibit were beautiful. There was a video made by two familiar faces on campus (Jan and Mel). It is an adorable video that I enjoyed, but not the focus of my camera’s eye. The bronze colored angel was the one I had to capture. Ingram got me a step ladder so I could get this shot. 

The Art-O-Mat

Where in the hell are the cigs?!

It didn’t occur to me what this item was till I found a fellow student who pointed it out to me. The ART-O-MAT was by far a favorite item since it looked like something out of the 50’s era. For this shot, I intended to make it look aged and abandoned. I love this image.

The Reference counter in the Library

Reference clerk taking a siesta at the moment

I found an abandoned Reference counter that had a certain eerie vibe. The lights have a haunting glow to them and like the yellow strip that goes off frame.

The large silver sculpture that sits outside of the Health & Wellness building 

Where is the other piece?

This was my first stop of the Scavenger Hunt. I took over a little over a dozen shots. I was able to get some nice reflections of the environment from the sculpture. Did run into class mates but we all worked in very well aside from me flipping one of my classmates off. I kid, I actually posed for them.

Ingram or Cas’s office (The Arts division Office Specialists – Building 11) 

Ingram at his gaming station in his “office”

After hooking me up with a step ladder to use for an earlier shot, I harassed Ingram for this shot. I could tell he felt awkward, so I told him to just carry about his day like if I wasn’t there. Good sport. 

The ATC (Academic Teaching Center) in the Center building 

Stop Facebooking and look busy

Figured this was actually the Academic Technology Center. It was easy to find and the staff was very welcoming to being photographed.  

Judy Gates’s office (She is your advisor for Media Arts)

Judy fixing my jacked up education plan

Caught up with Judy hard at work, although she had time to talk to me for a bit. She appreciated that I asked to take her photo fist instead of just assuming that I could.  

Teresa’s office – bldg 18

Into the mouth of madness

Teresa’s office seems to be a room emanates with an eldritch presence. Had to capture the photo before whatever was behind that door decides to pop out. Not in the mood for tentacles dragging me into the void…again.   

The flags or other “identifier” inside of The Students First building 

No shortages of flags here

Failed to realize that we had a massive collection of flags in building 1. I posted up on the second floor to capture this. I wanted the curve and the colors in the shot. While taking photos, a friend stopped by to say hello and then I bumped into another friend on the other end. Always a pleasure to greet and talk to others as I work.

A creative shot of your choosing. 

Ghost above studio

 Ah yes. For this part of the hunt, I had to find a dark and creepy location on campus. I found the look at building 17 in the old studio production room. Light and shadows worked out for my tastes. I got a nice overview of the site and the overhanging light hooked me. I took it to Adobe Lightroom and enhanced the dark and moody effect. I had another photo besides this , but this was my favorite. 

2 thoughts on “A Lane Campus Tour

  1. Audrey Scully

    I really enjoy the dim lighting, creates a really moody feel. Your angles and perspectives do well to create intrigue and suspense.

  2. Greyson Yant

    Hi Roberto,

    I really enjoyed the gritty textures, extending shadows, and dramatic angles used throughout your shots. I really enjoyed the steady theme throughout.

    I think the “eldritch horrors” piece and the old studio shots are my favorites.


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