Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

First we visited the Equipment Checkout in building 18. Students can check out cameras, tripods, and other equipment needed in the multimedia program here.
Next we visited the “blue cyc wall” which is located in building 18 in my Digital Photography classroom.
This free popcorn machine is in the center building in the Student Engagement center on the second floor. The popcorn was good.
The art building has a couple of amazing art galleries. We found a painting, or a photograph (not sure which one) of Georgia the equipment checkout lady done by our teacher Teresa Hughes.
While we were in the Art building we found the Artomat! An old machine that used to sell cigarettes.
This is the reference desk at the library, I decided to crop it because it wasn’t a very flattering picture of the lady working there.
This is the silver sculpture outside the health and wellness center. We noticed that there are lights on the bottom of it. It would be cool to see what it looks like at night. It might light up.
This is in the art building. Not sure if it is Ingram or Cas’s office.
This is the ATC center located in the center building. I believe they can help if you’re experiencing technical difficulties.
This is Judy Gates Office. She’s the arts academic advisor.
This is our teacher Teresa Hughes’s office.
This is the flags in building 1.
All lastly, my creative shot of this cool plant in the tutor center.