Project 6 – Krista Ortiz

For this assignment, I wanted to focus on educating and informing the audience of the video about suicide prevention. When I thought about this assignment, I initially wanted to do voice audio over the video. I planned my videos out and I had intended to get a lot more people involved in this video. However, because of strained time I did what I could. I decided, since I didn’t have as much film as I thought, to do text over the words. I feel like this was more effective in getting my message across.

I thought I would have this video be purely informational, but I decided to take it in a informational and inspirational route. I wanted to create a video that was informative to those who don’t know a lot about suicide, but also comforting to those who are struggling with their own mental battles. Overall, I feel like my video skills could be improved to create a better quality film, but I am learning. This assignment definitely challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and do a project that I normally wouldn’t have done.

When I had to find the right audio, I had a difficult time finding something that was solemn and inspirational. I decided to find two different songs and fade from one to the next. I feel like this worked to deliver the effect that I wanted. The video was a bit complicated, once I got into post-production, I realized that some of my videos were grainy and that’s because I had the ISO up too high. Trying to fix the exposure didn’t help much at al, but it allowed me to get the same look for each video clip. The other mechanical aspect that I struggled with was doing transitions for all of my pieces. One thing fades into this, which fades into this, etc. I know how to use cue points, so once I figured out that, it was smooth sailing from there.

This assignment had its ups and downs. There are definitely some things that I would’ve changed or refilmed if I had the chance. However, I feel like for my first ever project in Premiere and my first ever information film, it turned out better than I expected. I enjoyed filming something that I am passionate about and I think I finally understand why filmmakers enjoy their craft so much!

By: Krista Ortiz

3 thoughts on “Project 6 – Krista Ortiz

  1. Gabriel Sampedro

    Awesome work, Krista. I sincerely enjoyed your dedication to this film project. I liked how simple the footage was, but also how effective it was toward conveying a sense of belonging. The background music was also really pleasing, but I think the transition could’ve been a little more subtle. Nice work nonetheless. As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Dom Moulton

    Wow, great work! I see we had similar approaches in our final project trying to bring awareness and support to an important issue today. I love the change in mood you create as well from the beginning to the end, I wish I would have done something similar in my final project.

  3. Saul Foster

    Absolutely great work. I love the subject matter and how you really put things that are important to you into your work over the term it is really great to see!

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