Plug and Play with Audio and Video

This Project was all over the place for me. I was ill with pneumonia for two of the four weeks planned for this project.

At first my plan was to go to diffrent houses I animal and house sit for. I wanted to video tape them going about their random acts of animal goofiness. However, Snow-Mageddon, my body, and my job had other plans.

The other Ideas I had played with were creating a fan video for River by Ibeyi, or an even more complicated videos.

So I went forth with a completely diffrent idea to paint some of the animals I sit for with 5 diffrent paints. I chose Yellow Cadmium Light, Quinacrine Violet, Cadmium Red, Paynes Grey, and Shimmer Paint.

I created a custom song to go along with this video. It was inspired by a YouTuber named Nice Peter, and his Monday Sunflower Song.

This was really challenging for me to edit together, because it really was my first time trying to mix diffrent audio together in time as possible with a video. The audio still isn’t where I want it to be, however I would need a brand new microphone to really solve the issues.

So have Star Light, an Original Song and Painting


Painting, Photography, Video, and Audio by Rick Williams/Artemas Ori

They, Them, Theirs

A Little Punk from Oregon