Coming Back Home – P6 Project

For this I wanted to capture a very dramatic action sequence with a rustic character. I had originally played a shoot to film it all live, but sadly that wasn’t able to go through. Even though it didn’t go as planned I settled on animating. I’m already a little familiar with animation programs, and I draw almost everyday. So not only was it easier for me, but the whole process was a lot of fun. Once I got my story idea settled everything went so smoothly and well. It’s almost perfect. I might take some free time and work on it on my own since I had so much fun with it. The story is super cliche and over done but it fits and with a lot of fleshed out drama I can bring out some comedy aspect to it. Which is was I was going for.

2 thoughts on “Coming Back Home – P6 Project

  1. Dom Moulton

    Very creative and fun idea for your final project! I would love to see more with the same style of animation. Great work.


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