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I attempted in making a cartoon flipbook out of film from soccer season where a teammate of mine scores a great free kick goal. I first downloaded the file from a website that has all of our game footage. I then cropped the video to the desired length. In order to get the “flipbook effect” I opened the video clip in photoshop, which created every individual frame from the 10 second video. There was about 300 frames from the 10 second video, so I had to delete frames by 10 in order to get the flip book effect. I then opened each individual frame in photoshop and created them into cartoons. I then had to place the frames into movie maker to created the animation. I then shortened each image to 0.1 seconds to get the animation speed I desired to make the player look as if he was moving. The whole process took longer than a month to complete, but the video was too short. Here is the video:

Lucky, I was working on a separate video during the same time with my best friend Cody Eastwood. He was in the video from the P5 project. Him and I are starting a brand called Tushei. Tushei is a word we created that means “Doing something that is extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration” For instance, you would say “That was Tushei dude” or ” That sh*t’s Tushei”.

Tushei is officially trademarked by Tushei Co. which is the company/brand we have created. Our mission is to bring back what it really means to be young, wild, and free. Doing what we love to do with no worries, because that time in our lives was Tushei.

Tushei Logo

We first started on instagram, youtube, and twitter making various videos of us having a great time and just enjoying life, really describing what Tushei was all about. Once we had a decent amount of followers, we released stickers along with a free sticker giveaway contest where to enter you had to tag 3 friends. We ordered 200 stickers of various colors and sold 1 for $1, or 3 for $2. We gave away some stickers and place them around Eugene creating a advertisement video. At the end we had 100 stickers left and sold out in a week in a half. If you do the simple math, we made close to $100 in sticker sales. Here is the video to our sticker commercial:

After the video was released, we really started to gain a following on instagram getting close to 330 followers in just 3 weeks. We then proceeded to come up with t-shirt designs for summer and just released our Origins Collection, which is the first ever clothing Tushei has dropped, hence the origins in the name.

We opened a pre-sale 3 days ago and already have close to $150 in sales. We are looking to send T-shirts out and have them available to the public buy March 31st. You can follow our journey on Instagram @tusheico

3 thoughts on “Cartoon Flipbook / Starting a brand

  1. Krista

    Wow! You’re small business idea is great! I love that you were able to gain sales and a following. This is some great experience for the future!

  2. Saul Foster

    Super awesome. I love the color and the thought into making something new! really think it will take off!

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