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Needledrop cap.The Needle drop is a professional music blogger with a popular youtube channel. He has a lot of titles across the internet, but he calls himself the “Busiest music nerd”. The reason i like this blog is because it gives a fresh perspective to music and the processes around producing music, but also he is a internet meme. He covers all sorts of music related stuff like, the latest music drama, Singles, albums, Random thoughts, and alot more. Anthony (real name) makes a lot of music related content, so his main role in his blog is being a music critic. I think this blog is helpful to understand an audience, because you see how Anthony responds to questions the people ask him and it creates this resource that could be valuable when jumping into music and wanting to understand music from a production/Critic point of view. Keeping this in mind, he is still just giving his opinion and asking for other people’s opinions. These topics vary from having a statement be put in front of him, to covering music related news. Anthony is a pretty funny guy and he is always pumping out new content for his fans, keeping his place as the busiest music nerd.  

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