Friday Art Walk

The speakers name was Amber Allen. She explained some of her personal life and some of her inspiration that lead to how she was inspired by Astronomy. She likes to mix high gloss and matte finishing to capture the depth in her paintings.

The activity that I attended was none other than the First Friday Art Walk. If I am being completely honest I have no idea what I was going to expect because I haven’t been to many art shows, or events like this one. The event was mainly focused on an American painter by the name of Amber Allen. And as the name explains it was on a Friday. The Friday Art walk starts from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The great thing about this was that there was still some sunshine left before it ended. I ended up attending at 7PM


The event was again held at 7 PM but to my knowledge that was the only time that this was set up at. The place that this event was at gave me a vibe that I was in some sort of art store. The reason I say that is because there was numerous things for sale. Some necklaces, some shirts, and many other things. (example below)




And as you can see from some of the pictures some of these products have little price tags hanging off of them. Some like the image above were really interesting. So the fact that some of these items were up for sale was pretty cool because sometimes depending on certain situations the art is not for sale. Unfortunately I was not able to purchase anything because I did not have enough money to buy some of these things.

One of the things that didn’t make much sense to me was that I did some research beforehand about what time I would go. And I decided to go at 7 PM. But as I stated earlier, Amber explained how she was inspired by Astronomy to create some of her paintings. Well with that in mind after going to this event I didn’t see many paintings that looked like they were space inspired, come to think of it I didn’t see much paintings in general. However to be fair I wasn’t wearing my contacts so I could’ve easily missed some artwork.

Another thing that I’m still kind of confused about was the fact that there was some people that I could barely see with what looked like food in their hands. I wasn’t sure if it was in the event itself, or somewhere next door where they got the food. I was kind of hungry so that didn’t help.

So that was my experience of going to this First Friday Art Walk. It wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it might be but I wouldn’t mind checking out a different event. Especially if the others are similar or close to this one. And who knows maybe I will go to one of these other events and find something that I really like.




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