W19-Ex4 Informational Interview (Jeff Borquest)

One of the most interesting things that I find about digital art in any form or matter, is that it has allowed people to find a form of expression of who they are, with no limitations. I had the privalage and honor to sit down for some yellow and purple Viso and just chit chat with a true inspiration. Jeff Borquest is someone that has found a way to make a living and a way of meditation with his art. Currently working on projects ranging from automotive design, jewelry design, label and poster design, graphics for multiple vape shops and a wide range of other hobbies. The beauty in it all, Jeff says, “this is all just a hobby, that just so happens to have paid out.”

Jeff is an Oregonian. Born in the beautiful PNW, in Beaverton, Jeff when through his grade school years being the misfit and delinquent that we all know and love. Growing up with KRS1 and Tupac, spray paint and paint pens, skateboards and snowboards, anime and too many drugs, Jeff had the perfect growing up situation to be where he is at today.

Jeff has been working in the design world for the last 6 years consistently but has been fooling around with design in all its forms since he was a wee little guy. “Watching grungy movies or tv shows, getting out and getting on trimet just going around and seeing the writing on the walls and side of buildings with people that had hands covered in paint, all smily and cheerful about the illegal shit they just pulled. Shit man, all i wanted was to be a part of that crowd. And thats what I did.”

Jeff spent hours either locked in his room with Eminem, Bloodhound Gang, or Cypress Hill plugged in, or he would be out causing mayham. In any situation there was always an eye open to see the beauty in the grunge and trash, there was always some item or person that just seemed to be missing something. Color, the one thing that makes sense. The one thing that us humans have taken as a simple thing, when really its what gets people like Jeff out of bed.

Starting with simply pencils and pens to paper, to now having a digital studio and a car, motorcycle, jewelry, and wood shop that just so happens to have a printing press and a brother DTG printer, Jeff has it all. “Ask me to do something, ANYTHING, and know I will get ‘er done!”

Jeff has worked in places like Apple, Exit Skateboarding, Emerald Vapors, Seven Distribution, and freelance. Jeff uses Adobe suites mostly, seeing as he is a mac guy. “I got a Mac Pro when I graduated High School and instantly started diving into the world of digital art. I have no reason to use anything else. It all makes sense and just works.”

Jeff never got a degree in design, he graduated with a Major in Business. He pursued careers in life insurence, inventory management, janitorial jobs, a chef for a top notch taco food truck, and says that he would never take a day of those jobs back. “Art is never made from happiness.”

4 thoughts on “W19-Ex4 Informational Interview (Jeff Borquest)

  1. Krista Ortiz

    I almost wish that I would have interviewed someone! It seems fun to get to know a professional in the industry. It seems this interview went very well for you, great job!

  2. Dalton W Trim

    Art is the best for of expression and one the best ways to get to know one’s tastes. Would love to see some of Jeff’s work!

  3. Dom Moulton

    Very interesting interview! It makes me want to get the full interview you conducted. I’m from the Portland area myself so seeing some of the experiences and the opportunities Jeff has had is really cool and inspiring to read. Well done.

  4. Gabriel Sampedro

    Great interview summary, Saul. I enjoyed reading your post, and I really enjoy supporting people who do what they love. The last quote states, “art is never made from happiness,” and that really struck me. To an extent, however, I would agree, but I also believe some people create art ( however you define art ) solely out of happiness. Or even then, some artists simply create art out of inspiration, or specifically, a feeling separate from happiness. Beyond it all, this summary was very enticing and I thank you for sharing.


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