No idea is too small, and no job is too large

If you ever need a website, professional photography, or looking to play the beautiful game of soccer, then Epuerto is the business for you. Epuerto is a digital services company specializing in web design, branding, corporate identity, digital marketing, database development, and cloud solutions.
Epuerto has been developing applications for over 17 years. In different areas such as chemical plants; police departments; insurance companies; tribal projects; non-profit organizations; and commercial, medical, athletic, industrial and financial institutions.

I interviewed Allan Ledesma, the principal, owner, and lead website developer of Epuerto. Allan attended San Ignacio de Loyola (technical institute) in Lima, Peru. When he immigrated to North Bend, Oregon, he immediately began employment with Matthews Computer Center where he was a technician and developer of custom programs (1993-1996). This was followed by two years at D. B. Western, Inc. as Head of I.T. (1996-1998), and two years as Head of I.T. at Ocean Terminals. In 2000 he founded EPUERTO in North Bend, Oregon.

Allan Ledesma
Photo taken by Eddie Rodriguez | The Marshfield Times 2012

With Epeurto, Allan has created opportunities for youth in the community to participate in competitive soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track & field. The Epuerto soccer club is the oldest and most successful out of all the Epuerto Sports. Ledesma has been coaching soccer for almost 27 years and is a coach of one of Epuerto’s many soccer teams which consist of boys and girls from throughout the county. The Epuerto soccer club has been holding soccer camps for children for 17 years. Each camp is free and has an average of about 300 participants.

10th Annual Epuerto Soccer Camp

Besides being a webmaster and soccer coach, Ledesma also takes a lot of pictures. He works in conjunction with by posting his pictures on the website where community members can see and download any of the pictures for free. Initially, Ledesma wanted family members of his soccer players who were unable to attend games to be able to see highlights and his photography grew from there.

The first question I asked Allan Ledesma was what pushed him to create a business like Epuerto, and why he stepped into the digital market.

“I always was interested in technology as a kid and started to learn more about computers,” said Allan. “I started creating websites, logos, and advertisements for friends. Then their friends told their friends, then I decided to create Epuerto with all the business I was getting.”

I then asked Allan about the youth sports aspect of Epuerto, and what convinced him to enter into youth sports.

“The main reason was a little selfish because I liked playing, so I started coaching at Marshfield High School. Passion for the sport is what made me create Epuerto soccer club and it grew over time in the community” said Allan. “Now we have Epuerto Sports, I want to give every child an opportunity to play in a competitive or friendly sports environment.”

The final question I asked Allan was if you could give any advice to any entrepreneur about being successful, what would it be?

“Don’t be afraid to accept the challenge” said Allan Ledesma. “Always be upfront to your clients about not knowing something, but be willing to learn.”

Allan Ledesma has put a positive impact in the Coos County community and continues to be the principal, owner, and lead website developer of Epuerto & Epuerto Sports.

3 thoughts on “No idea is too small, and no job is too large

  1. Krista Ortiz

    I love seeing the journey that people go through to get where they are at. Especially when they involve the community as much as Allan does! It’s amazing to see the different people in the community.

  2. Jacob Adams

    Being from North Bend, Oregon, myself I have heard of Epuerto digital services company. I know people who have played soccer through Epuerto, including my brother. I like Allan’s story about how he started, how he produced media for friends and how that started Epuerto.

    “Don’t be afraid to accept the challenge” said Allan Ledesma. “Always be upfront to your clients about not knowing something, but be willing to learn.” <– So important.

  3. Dalton W Trim

    I love the sports influence it shows that there is a lot more to Multimedia that big block busters or indie breakouts. Just the exciting coverage of the game and the thrill of the sport! Being able to capture that and bring it to the rest of the world is a great way us humans relate. Soccer is a great spectator sport full of action and drama. Nice read!


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