Professional Blog Review – By Gabriel Sampedro

I chose to review Philip Bloom Blog site because he is a growing independent filmmaker who has gained various experiences with different film styles – those of which include commercials, music videos, corporate films, broadcasting, and other fun videos for the web. I believe from this experience, any Bloom film will not only be enticing but also original.

Throughout the lifetime of Bloom’s career, he has amassed 27 years of knowledge and familiarity with his team, and of course the gear, he is using. Bloom has reviewed numerous cameras and explains on a side-by-side basis, which cameras he prefers and which one he recommends for the job – some insight a curious kid like myself may want to know for a school project. Additionally, Bloom also includes reviews of different types of tripods, drones, and other film-related gear a director of photography might be interested in learning. With links of how to use special cameras and detailed reviews, Bloom demonstrates he’s very supportive of studious learners.

When scrolling throughout Bloom’s blog, I notice there’s ease in finding what I’m looking for. For me, I primarily look for reviews on cameras and other related gears – and that’s a characteristic Bloom’s blog definitely emphasizes. I would highly recommend Bloom’s blog because the information is purposeful and informative. Everything Bloom writes focuses on the audience, and it suits new readers well enough to understand an insight into the art of filmmaking.