Mul 101 Audio Project – My Song

I’ve always been really big on music and have made a few songs myself. Me and my friend Juan like to make songs making fun of each other so I saw thins project as the perfect opportunity to do something I already have fun doing and get my work done. Even though I put the project off till last minute I’m very surprised with how it turned out. The quality of the song it’s self is a lot better than expected. The rap was very last minute but really worth it. I’m glad it turned out the way it did, makes it a lot more funny and enjoyable. Even if I’m extremely tired from staying up till 5am the night before.

3 thoughts on “Mul 101 Audio Project – My Song

  1. Isaac Reyna

    I’m not too familiar with this style of rap, but I did enjoy listing the rhyming you had throughout the song. Takes skill to think of words that rhyme while keeping the flow.

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