An effort in the art of Story craft, and the importance of audio development.

Here is a link to a soundcloud i made and my first track! It’s just a fun project and I was so glad to be challenged and create something! I started with a theme of an older radio show. After my recording were finished and I choose my music I decided to change it ever so slightly. Everything was leaning towards a more modern style of recording. There aren’t too many cheap or free old timey music recording out there (at least from what im aware of).

So out with the old and in with the new! Altering the script I wrote I was able to get a good but all too short narrative. i filled the 3 min maximum as best i could but had to cut some content to keep within parameters. There are multiple voice dialog tracks, sound effects, and music. Helping bring this short superhero narrative together and deliver a feeling like what it may have felt like to catch your favorite radio program back in 1943!

I hope you find some enjoyment out of this fun project I put together, its pretty cheesy but like i’ve said time and time again it was so much fun and you should make something to to share. its a great way to mentally schretch the mind!

P.S. this is the first this i’ve posted to the internet so it will be a exiting to put some work out there for anyone to enjoy!

1 thought on “An effort in the art of Story craft, and the importance of audio development.

  1. Kyr

    Really well done. You did an amazing job of maintaining good sound level, of blending different audio effects, as well as a really good job of storytelling. Really liked the accents too!

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