My Mind

IMG_8013Hello, my name is Gabe and I’m an 18-year-old with a dream of becoming a movie director. If this plan does not work, I will rely on medicine. And again if that doesn’t work, I will rely on real estate. My plan for my life is following what I love, and ultimately, I wish to help people in any way I can. When I watch a movie, in particular, one directed by Christopher Nolan, I feel both inspired and optimistic for the future. In a similar manner, I wish to give others the same feeling of hope the way Nolan movies do for me.

Outside my realm of movie sensations, I love to spend time with family and friends. I find laughter as one of the timeless experiences one can share with others. However, on a philosophical note, I would argue that in order to feel this type of greatness, one would need to experience some sadness along the way. From a film standpoint, it’s the ability to recognize the feeling of loss without having experienced it yourself at that moment – a feeling of transcendence.

While I believe heavily in philosophical meanings, I solely remain as an 18-year-old boy with the dream of becoming a movie director. But I believe after this class, I will have obtained the knowledge and experience that will prepare me well for the industry of tomorrow. And as I look for the optimism in life, I am confident that all things will go well.


By: Gabriel Sampedro