W19-P1 About Me

Im Saul. Im 28 years young and a freelance web designer and developer. I have been working freelance for the last 6 years and have loved the challegnce and the lessons that have come with it. As a self-taught designer and developer, there are many difference roads that come and go and Multimedia is where I’m headed.

I got my first web job doing data entry, entering in names and email addresses. Super simple. For that some company today, I am the Web Editor for all of their online publication. I have gotten to work with big businesses like this and small businesses that have two or three products that they want to sell online. I am able to make that happen.

Working with WordPress, Adobe Suites, Google, and many other softwares, I have been able to see a small glimpse of all the wonders that one can come into contact with. I have a truly grateful attitude to the internet and all things digital.

I started a small design and marketing business that I am super stoked about. I want it to become something that I can rely on and build. I want to be able to work with digital art and marketing and media and spread the joy of it to all.

By: Saul Foster

5 thoughts on “W19-P1 About Me

  1. Kyr

    So inspiring to hear from someone already doing the work! Love how your personality comes through in this bio. Where can we see your work?

  2. Alex Garcia

    That’s great to hear that you have already started your very own marketing business. I like the energy you have toward your business because that is how it will grow, keep up the same energy. Is there a place we might be able to see any work? I’m interested.

  3. Jacob Adams

    It’s encouraging to hear how people are already starting in there career paths even before they go to school for it. I can understand how difficult it can be to self-teach yourself and then go into the freelance field. Great job as a designer and web developer and good luck.

  4. Gabriel Sampedro

    Hi Saul, thanks for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you’ve been up to these past few years. And I’m proud of you for spending your time doing what you love and care about. I’m stoked to see your future projects someday and I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing!


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