Diversifying Your Skills

My name is Dom Moulton and I have been a student at Lane Community College since Fall 2016. While I entered college unsure and conflicted on what I wanted to study, I have since decided to focus on Journalism- specifically Public Relations at the University of Oregon. Coming into college undecided has been a major break through in finding on where I want to explore and improve my various skills and major of study. While my interest mainly lies in Arts, I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone to explore various classes such as Ethnic Studies, Sociology, and even Music. I believe in having a wide variety of experiences and skills to not only to find what you’re truly passionate in, but to diversify and understand ideas and people in various interests and career paths.

My personal interests include but are not limited to: sports, drawing, music production, video games, and writing. While I’m not a Multimedia major, I believe in this day and age its important for various people to have basic skills dealing with various types of media, especially for a Journalism major such as myself. I want to apply the skills that I learn from this class into my future experience and journey into my field of study. I’m currently working on meeting people that wish to share and grow off ideas whether being similar to mine or completely different. I look forward to reading posts and working with all of you!

3 thoughts on “Diversifying Your Skills

  1. Nameste Lattin

    Hey Dom! while i am a multimedia major i share a lot of the same interests like music, art, and video games and aim to use them all in my career path. I agree with the fact that having multiple skills and knowing how to apply them is extremely important, and that’s why i chose multimedia design as a major.

  2. Krista

    Im so glad to see someone from a different field in this class! It’s great that you are allowing yourself to expand your worldview. I find that having a diverse group brings out the best in the class and in critiques! Im excited to work with you!


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