About Me – Daegan Cornelius

My name’s Daegan Zane Cornelius, I’m 20 years old and I moved here about a year ago now from Costa Rica. I’m currently studying multimedia design here at lane. I have experience a bit of experience in multimedia, A while back I worked self-employed as a web programer alongside my mom. As well as a graphic design artist and a video editor for local businesses. I would like to make music in the future or work in audio production. I do a lot of that on my free time, such as playing music or working with programs. What I usually do for fun is play games, mostly older ones. I also love going to the theater and the arcade, I use to skate and am trying to get back into it. I play guitar, the ocarina, somewhat piano, and I can do one beat on the drums. Music is my main hobby and plan on growing my cd/vinyl collection once I’m able to. When I finish my media arts program I’ll work for anything I can get until enough money to get my masters in audio production.

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