Turning a Passion into a Career – Jacob Adams

Hello, I’m Jacob Adams an 18-year-old Cinematographer & Website Designer from North Bend, Oregon. I’m currently studying multimedia here at Lane to improve my portfolio to show clients as well as gain knowledge on the given subject. My main hope for this course as an introduction to multimedia is to improve the way I interact with clients and how I form connections in the media environment. Then in exchange, I hope to contribute to the class a different enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in the digital world.

Some of my work can be seen in my online portfolio, (www.jacobdadams.com). Mainly film is my passion. Through this, I have led a production team of four students who were going to high school with me. Since graduating we each have followed different paths, some going to school for film, others persuading different lines of education. Through this team, I got to produce 30 different films. These films ranged from Mental Health public service announcements, to what makes the perfect mayor. Recently, Lane Community College approached me to produce a short promo film for the cross country team. This helped present the team to potential athletes as well as be featured on the Lane CC website.

The main thing I stand for on every project I produce is that each should tell a story. I hope to turn this passion into a career by going to school and later working with companies and organizations to produce advertisements. With that said, I also have the ambition to be a part of the production of a full-length documentary feature, later in life. In all, I have high hopes for this course and the individuals connected to it.

6 thoughts on “Turning a Passion into a Career – Jacob Adams

  1. Krista

    It’s nice to see how much background you have in media arts! I’m excited to see how you incorporate your film background into this class!

  2. hughest

    Really like your post and your photo…looks like a great place to hike. Can’t wait to see your video for the X-country team!

  3. Alex Garcia

    I think it’s really cool that you were approached by Lane to do a promo for the cross country team. Not only will you make a cool video incorporating your previous knowledge but it will be a great way to introduce the team. Good luck on the video.


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