If Not For The Voices In Our Heads

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time!”

I suppose some explanation is in order, about this adventure and what we have planned; but we don’t know where to start, and we haven’t so much a ‘plan’ as a map, and  infinite possibilities.

Before this hare-brained idea, all of us were working with various arts organizations, producing good solid work, and it would have been easy enough to carry on doing so and leave it at that.  But we had these voices in our heads: stories that were not being told, ideas that were not being expressed, notions about innovative, cutting-edge approaches to story-telling ~to the very practice of working in service of The Story~  that had never been tried, and needed to be. And so we have been burning the midnight oil, keeping ridiculous hours, and doing ridiculous things ~like learning fire dancing and stilts walking!  Forging alliances and keeping company with strange bedfellows, all in pursuit of creating the space and circumstances in which to stage our unique brand of theatre.

So we have been trying to come up with ways to describe or explain our vision, but, so far our reach has exceeded our grasp in this regard. So far, the closest we have come is this: we believe that stories are what make us human, they give our lives meaning and context, a path of bread crumbs that leads us through the darkest of forests. They are as necessary as the air we breath, and we are, as a culture, suffering the lack of them.  Both the forgotten and the undiscovered stories that could lead us back home. As dear uncle Rostislav used to say:

“After home and hearth, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

There is much to do and much to learn ~we have our work cut out for us the next few months!  We have some really exciting collaborations in the works that we hope to be able to reveal soon.  In the mean time, we can tell you that we have a project in the works, slated for, October 2019, utilizing puppets and an array of media, to bring some unexpected elements to a classic tale.


So, I guess, rather than offering the explanations or descriptions alluded to at the top of this post, we want to invite you to join in this ‘wild hare’ of an adventure we have hatched.  We don’t know exactly where it will lead (that’s what makes it fun!) But adventure is always worthwhile, in and of itself, and it wouldn’t be the same without you!

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