Hope of an Institutionalized Addict


I decided to do this because I’m new doing video so was a little nervous. I always wanted to do a documentary, but I am not very good at talking though. One of my really good friends got out of prison and I thought about what it must have been like. I stated to dig deep about what I wanted to know and decided to ask her if she would answer a few questions for me and of course she was nice enough too. She has a lot of hope, and I think with the right tools and programs that she’s invested in now she will make it because I myself have done it too. There is hope for recovering addicts.

I wanted to show that more vulnerable side of someone who has been incarcerated and institutionalized people who survived the night in prison with nothing but their shame on their mind and go long days mourning their families because they made a mistake. I also wanted to show that maybe prisons need to have more staff and counselors for programs so when they do come out of prison they have the proper treatment. Many addicts repeat the same lifestyle because it becomes a habit and they need to learn how to change that habit and learn healthy living, for most them, the first time in their lives. Some people do get what they deserve and then others get others get not enough or too much for the crime. It’s really just brief look in to a justice system that needs a lot of change and some hope for the addict who still suffers and for the one who tries to stay clean. There are people out there who do want to change and start a new life.

I did cut out a lot of my video and had some mistakes so I cut those out. There are some cuts in it I tried to make them as smooth as possible. We did do this about five times, and I still couldn’t get my zoom right and you could hear it on the mic. I am very new with video I just usually capture still images. This was definitely a lot of fun can’t wait to start doing more media like this.

I got my music from www.freesounds.org.

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