P5 – Wu Xing – “The five types of chi dominating at different times”


I do realize that I should have been shooting my own video, and intended to, but couldn’t think of a topic, procrastinated, and then got sick. I wanted to go out and get photos or videos of a flowing creek, trees, I was thinking some kind of rock formation for earth, but there was no way I could go out and shoot photos of videos in this condition, and I couldn’t think of anything that I could do in my house. (It took me long enough to figure out what I wanted to do in the first place.) Vague and ‘open to interpretation’ assignments are always the hardest for me. That being said, all of the videos I used are Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensed (reuse and modification OK with no attribute required), I wrote down all of my attributions anyway. If anyone wants to see them, CLICK HERE . I did spend a LOT of time editing this video, I knew nothing about Premiere before, and am actually really glad I got this little taste of it.

I chose my subject after days of thinking about it (to no avail), by Google searching ‘5’. I searched around the web for a while, and found a blog that lead me to a Wikipedia page about all kinds of things related to ‘5’ in some way. When I came across Wu Xing, I was immediately interested and decided to make a kind of informational video about it. I found it appealing because I’d never thought about the elements or seasons that way (there is a TON of information about it that I couldn’t fit into a two minute video.) I also already had the format and substance of the video mapped out in my mind just after reading the Wiki article. This was amazing because I had been putting a lot of thought into it and striking out for quite a few days. I wish I would have gotten this idea a few days sooner, so I could have taken my own photos or videos, because, while it would look less professional, I would get a better grade. The most difficult part about this assignment I think was getting the video to stay at 2 minutes (even though I went a little over), because it made the text seem too rushed for slower readers.

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  1. Ashley Riles

    Even though you didn’t use your own images or videos I still think it went well together and taught me something cool!

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