Image Editing (5 Fun Activities)

This is my first time ever using any kind of editing software! I chose to use Premiere, and it was surprisingly not as hard to learn as I would’ve thought it would be. However, I did end up learning the hard way that you should constantly be saving your progress (even though it auto saves for you). I am still not sure what went wrong, but out of nowhere, I got a notification that Premiere had “crashed” on me. I, unfortunately, was unable to retrieve any of the auto saved data after that, and since I did not manually save, I lost a lot of progress and had to restart. Problems like this, and just overall getting the feel of the software, slowed me down a bit, but I was still able to pull through and execute my vision.

When I did all the filming for the project, I had no trouble coming up with fun ideas for a variety of different angles and other camera work. However, when it came time to do all the editing for the project, I did have trouble with keeping all my collective footage within the 1-2 minute time frame. Since I have never edited video before this project, I had trouble with it at first but then quickly became comfortable with it enough to want to try some interesting editing tricks. I wanted to do more than what I did with the editing, and I would’ve too, if I would’ve had more time. I, at the very least, wanted to play with video transitions and text animations, which I did. I also tried playing with the idea of split-screen through Premiere (which I executed a little differently for a different purpose as seen at the end of the video). Also, if I would’ve had more time, I would have tried to play with sound effects and even narration, so I would have more audio layers to work with. Fortunately, for this project, I didn’t feel that sound effects and narration was needed for the story to come across.

Thanks for checking out my first-ever filmed/edited video!

⌈Kyle Letsom⌋

6 thoughts on “Image Editing (5 Fun Activities)

  1. Emily Williams

    I like doing all thoughts things. ( the vedio game not as much, unless it’s the two old Star Wars: Battlefront games) I really like going bowling or catching a movie with my friends. And this really show how to have a good time with you friend fo ra day. good job:)

  2. David Galbreath

    I love your video man ! You did a great job at finding different effects to use with your footage i love the slow motion sequences when playing basketball. I understand completely the frustration with premier, i struggled with the saving features as well, but ultimately it was a learning lesson.

  3. Hoa Mai Nguyen


    I loved your video! I also like all the different camera angles you used for the perfect shots. Such as: knocking all the pins down at the bowling alley, and the perfect throw at the basketball hoop. The one thing I was wondering was, do people at the movie theatre really let video cameras in? Or was it your phone? Thanks for sharing your post and video with us! Keep up the good work!

    1. Kyle Letsom

      The whole video was shot on my iPhone, actually, so there was no trouble with bringing it in.
      That is a very good point, though! They would most likely not let cameras into a movie for piracy/copyright reasons, for sure!

  4. Alison

    Wonderful cinematography, your effort to make this shows in an inspiring way! For a first film, this is very impressive, and I’m curious to see how your skill grows.

  5. Johnny Bruton

    Nice choice on a subject. You got to do fun things as school work! Wish I would have thought of that.
    Also great choice of picking very “fun” background music. Also great HD quality video, and all your clips blended together smoothly.

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