F18-P5 Image editing

F18-P5-Leperomeroa from leperomeroa@my.lanecc.edu on Vimeo.


My image editing is about my fun loyal dog Goofy! He is a black lab mix with a Boston terrier, Born May 29th 2013 he is currently five years old but still has so much energy! Goofy has always been a fun dog to get along with because even outside all of that crazy energy he is sweet and empathetic enough to help with this video. He has always been a very easy dog to train, every time I get a doggy treat his instant reaction is to shake or jump to just get the treat.

The reason why I filmed Goofy was to challenge myself filming animals is usually challenging with motion. To go even further sometimes it’s hard just to get them to do what you want. A lot of what I did with Goofy in the video had been done before for fun but really taking that next step filming him was like all that training just came to use. Some of the best moments during the shoot was just how quiet the area was during the beginning and during the last video all of the sudden there was a bunch of background noise I had to cut. I really thought it was going to be a little more difficult before I started shooting even knowing Goofy was trained. He is a dog with so much energy he can find it hard to follow directions at times.

Something I really take away from this project is being able to turn an every day thing you do for fun into something you want to express to others so its really great. I really hope you guys enjoy Goofy making a fool out of himself.

2 thoughts on “F18-P5 Image editing

  1. David Galbreath

    obviously you know what can be better for next time like using a different camera could help keep Goofy in frame when he gets rambunctious. all that aside i love the content and the connection you have with your dog,. always fun watching dogs having fun!

  2. HL

    Goofy seems like the perfect name for your dog! I thought the music suited your video very well and the transitions were nicely done. The topic was well shown in the video clips even though you used your phone so kudos on that! Keep up the good work!

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