F18-P5 Image Editing – 5 Facts About Vietnamese Names


When I heard about this assignment, I was excited and eager to start, but once I started thinking of some possibilities, I started to dread the idea. Every thought that came into my mind didn’t seem to work, or I found fault with. It took longer than I expected. I had several ideas in mind, but the hard part was coming up on how to do it. I wanted to do something that was relevant to me in my personal life, without it being too personal. In the beginning I was thinking maybe doing a movie about what my five favorite puzzles were. I could easily picture that idea. I brainstormed ideas for several days until I had a pretty solid committed idea. Coming up with “5 Facts About Vietnamese Names” was quite the challenge for me but it was fun! It was like with Audacity, it was fun but challenging at the same time. I was lucky to have a mother who had all the camera gear and lights I could possibly want (plus more!). She helped me get my “studio” ready, and for several hours I was in full business mode. It took me 13 hours to get the whole project done. I was actually surprised that I made all of my information fit into that little time span.

At the beginning my video was about nine minutes long. Not what I wanted to see! I used iMovie instead of Premiere Pro just because I have made tons of videos with iMovie before, and I didn’t want to miss the deadline by working with a program I’m not yet comfortable with. I tend to relax more with ease when I’m working with something I’m familiar and comfortable with. After I had my images, videos, music, and recordings finalized, I disappeared into my bedroom, got myself all cozy with blankets and pillows all around, and didn’t come out until I was done with the project. Success greeted me with open arms and I was content with what I had accomplished!

3 thoughts on “F18-P5 Image Editing – 5 Facts About Vietnamese Names

  1. Chris Ortloff

    I really like how you picked something that you know a lot about and enjoy. You had very good music and it was very organized. I really like how I get to learn things from your video so keep it up.

  2. MaKayla

    I loved this! I also want to know more! I think you did a great job in grasping and keeping the audience’s attention. I think this would make for a great educational show, and you did a really great job.

  3. Alberto lepe

    I really enjoyed hearing your informative video on family names and where they belong. The father part I can understand because in Mexican slang terms sometimes they use dad for cool. For example ” Those shoes are really cool” ( slang: esos zapatos son muy padre) I’m not totally sure why but it makes sense somehow when you speak it.

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