F18 P5: 5 Interesting facts about the Vietnamese alphabet


This project was fun for me to do since I do projects like these all the time. The hardest part for me to do was the voice-over. Usually I just add music and titles to the projects and mute or turn the sound down. With this assignment, I had to time my voice and words while I watched the movie. It took me a good hour or so to get the timing just right. Modifying the images and video clips were fairly easy as well as adding the titles. I didn’t expect the project to take this long because I’ve done previous projects like these and it takes about a day to do it at most. This project took two evenings and a morning to do. I was a little taken back when I heard I was supposed to make something that included a number five in it and it had to be two minutes at maximum. I was used to making things really long without a maximum or minimum deadline. When I first started out making this movie I thought it would be a breeze. I stand corrected. I ended up changing and re-planning my whole entire movie. There were a lot of details I had to end up cutting out, but I chose the images and movie clips that I thought were most interesting and would capture the audience’s attention. What I was trying to accomplish through this project was giving people a glimpse of what they would have to learn if they had an interest in learning the Vietnamese language. The first thing most people study is the alphabet. There’s more to the alphabet than what got shown in the video clip, but at least I got to touch base on something I’m very passionate about and it also ties into the culture I grew up in.

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  1. Colin Gruener

    Your video is very nice and informative! I really like the easygoing style that you achieved with music and consistent camera angles. The speed is also perfect! Not too fast and not too slow! I also really like how it compliments HM’s video as well. I think you did an excellent job with the voice over too!

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