5 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

I wish I could say I was inspired by something or someone but, I guess I did this video because I was feeling really annoyed by the mess in my house.  I’m usually the only one doing chores, so I wanted to express my frustration. So then I started to think about all the things that drive me crazy and started snapping pictures. Also my three year old son hardly ever listens to me so I definitely wanted to emphasize that. I didn’t want to use my voice because its starting to fade from getting sick, and I don’t like the sound of my voice. I just tried to find some real dramatic music to go with it because everything usually feels like its a dramatic struggle. Instead of putting lettering on my images, I just decided to put pages in between to give a brief glance at what was coming next. I tried to use some transitions in between also to help it flow better. I actually was going to change some things and make it longer, but I had to start over because I went from a previous version of Premiere to a newer one. I could of did more, but I did what I could for the time I had. I think this was a great experience for me. I’m interested into doing more of these projects.


2 thoughts on “5 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

  1. HL

    Hi Ashley,

    The five things that drive you crazy drive me crazy as well except for the first one. I love the choice of music and the text was simple and easy to read! Great job!

  2. Colin Gruener

    I really like how you made use of humor to over-exaggerate the things that drive you crazy! Plus, the intense music really ads to the crazy atmosphere! I also like how brisk and well-timed the video is!


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