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As we all know, I love photography. Any chance that I get, I always love talking to other photographers. Three days ago, I interviewed a person whose work I love and always look up to. Sophie Alexander is a local photographer who specializes in weddings and travel documentary. She has been in photography for two and a half years, and she plans on continuing with this passion for the rest of her life. Starting off as a hobby, photography came easy to Sophie as she has an eye for what looks perfect in a picture. When I asked her about how difficult her job is, she answered by telling me that what she enjoys is easy, but what she doesn’t is hard. When it comes to taking photos, Sophie loves her job, but as soon as it comes to the business management, she begins to stress. This hard-working student does best under pressure and will always love to have her one-man business. Being able to manage her own schedule and work flow is a massive benefit and she thoroughly enjoys the capability to do so. When I asked her where she saw herself in ten years, she didn’t quite know. She plans on being a successful wedding photographer by then and maybe even have moved to Africa to follow her dream of documentary. Sophie has already been to Africa, and she thrives in the different lifestyles of what is around her. Getting to more of the local side of her work, I asked what she thought was the most important part of making a customer happy with her work.“The most important thing one can do is to fully communicate with your client and always ask lots of questions.” She stated. Making sure you know what the customer wants is number one priority. Over her two and a half years of working in this field, Sophie has gradually increased in skill and business. At times her job will flatline, but it always begins to pick up pace after some advertisement. When it comes to getting herself out into the world of business, sometimes it is very hard her to promote what she has to offer. Publicity is one of the biggest factors for a photographer, so when nothing is being prompted, no business will be made.  The last question I chose for this photographer is a question that is always asked at some point in time. This question determines whether or not this person is your friend or your foe. Do you like Cannon, or Nikon cameras. In this case, Sophie is a Cannon user and maybe that’s why her and I got along so well. Looking back over her business, I can say that she is very successful and very good at what she does. Her passion for this job is what lets her strive and succeed with photography. Along with her positive attitude, Sophie Alexander is by far one of the top photographers that I personally would choose for any work that I need done.

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3 thoughts on “Sophie Alexander Interview

  1. Emily Williams

    Wow this is a really awesome person. She sounds very caring, passionate, knowledgeable. The fact that she wants to move to Africa and do documentaries is very inspiring.

  2. MaKayla Stumph

    I like how well this is written! You keep our attention, and I think you did a great job of describing Sophia and what she does. As someone who wants to maybe go down the photography route, I think it’s great to see how successful some has become with their business.

  3. Hoa Mai Nguyen


    Great job on your post! I’m thinking is Sophie the same one I saw at your graduation and your sister’s wedding? She sounds a bit like me. I also do my best work under pressure. Got to get things done before the deadlines! Keep up the good work!

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