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This weekend I had an opportunity to meet Rory Beck, transfer graduate from Lane CC, who had finished the Multimedia Design program back in 2012. For the past three years he has had the opportunity to make money as a local DJ. Rory produces a verity of  instrumentals and sampled hip-hop tracks. His SoundCloud has a collection of soul infused house, and an extensive collection of his mashups from classic R&B, Soul, Funk, Blues, and 80’s vibe music. I suggest checking it out, good stuff….

Rortron on SoundCloud

We met at Ta Ra Rin and talk over big plates of Pad Thi, helping to make a fulfilling Interview. He was very passionate when talking about his music and the process to find gigs. We talked about selling yourself as an artist and how the strategy to play for the right price can be very intimidating. Dealing with bookers and promoters sometimes can be stressful when trying to make it as an artist. Most of his gigs are at Hi-Fi including an occasionally MC’s at the Funk Wednesday Jam night there. Beck also plays at Barnlight, and Blair Alley. He also discussed how meeting other musicians, fans, and producers have been inspiring for that artistic drive hiding inside everybody. Rory said that recently he has gone through a major transition in life, and music along with meditation practices has been helping him through with the transformation. I related to that quite a bit, and felt inspired to do art and music more, helping myself get it together.

He is truly apart of the expanding music scene here in Eugene, doing collaborations with other artists and producing tracks for them as well. And plans on day to be a producer creating albums for artists alike and to also work with children. He talked about the joys of introducing kids to music and the U R Awesome none-profit he has worked for, and one day maybe creating his own.

A date for his next show has not been made yet, but I know I will be attending and you should to if you like to dance and enjoy a DJ set. Till then he is working on many projects including another local Hip Hop artist from the multimedia program here at Lane. RxN – Simon Baum, who has music videos of youtube.

As an artist and musician myself, it was inspiring to talk with someone out there doing what the enjoy. And hopefully, made a connection I could one day work with.

~ LMGL  1/ 5/2018


6 thoughts on “Rortron Interview

  1. David Galbreath

    its awesome you guys hit it off, in the music industry it is not always what you know but who you know. Its incredible he has been able to make a name for himself in a field that is flooded with artists that are competing for those spots at the HI Fi. I hope one day you guys can collaborate on some tracks together!

  2. Kyle Whitaker

    It’s cool to get an inside look at the music industry, and I like how you met at the restaurant and had a more conversational interview. It looks like a challenging field to be a part of but it also sounds like having a Soundcloud account or something else to upload your mixes to really helps build up your audience.

  3. chris

    I really like this personally because I also am always trying to get my work to into the public. Being able to connect with people like yourself will really help you in the future.

  4. Alberto lepe

    I like this post because it really describes the life of an artist and the road that comes with it. The consistency and dedication they put into the art is absolutely amazing.

  5. HL

    Hi Lucien,
    You post had a great flow, it was easy to read and well thought out and it had good information. It’s great you were able to talk to someone like Rory Beck. I didn’t know you were a musician yourself so after reading this it made total sense why you chose this person. Keep up the good work!

  6. Johnny Bruton

    Awesome that you were able to find a Lane graduate that has been successful in his field to interview. Sounds like you got some good advice at how to be successful in your career field.
    Reading about the Pad Thai at Ta Ra Rin made me hungry, that is hands down my favorite dish.

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