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For my professional interview I interviewed Michael Maruska. He works at the multimedia for 19hr at checkout desk at Lane Community College for $17per hourIMG_1723.jpg. He has a Lane Degree in multimedia and he does Video production and Video Editing. Even though he ended up go into editing the visual effects of  horror comity movies like Goest Busters and Beetlejuice was his inspiration to go into film arts. Thought out his life he has live in Eugene, Coos Bay, Nashville, and Seattle where he dabbled in video production like things while working at a moving theater being in the screening room. But not until Michael came back to Oregon and started at lane did he decide to turn his love of movies into a career.  He and some friends has made a Star Wars fan film named Star Wars: Nightshade ( that you can find on YouTube). He did pretty much everything except acting. He told me that the worst part of this kind of job is communication. When you are unsure if you able to to a specific part of a project and you have to go to every person to get permission to do the job is very hard. But he said that the best part of the job is making someone’s life. Helping other with projects is just to best and it makes you feel very good. Maruska advices to students is ” Study outside school and looks up stuff.” Do it yourself and when you fail try again.

3 thoughts on “Professional Interview

  1. chris

    I found this really nice to to hear about someone that is here at lane that we know. Its is really cool to see his background and where he was from and a little about what he likes to do.

  2. Hoa Mai Nguyen


    Great post! I’ve met Michael Maruska a few times when I’m on my way to Photography class. When I had to rent a set of headphones from him, I actually had a conversation with him for the first time. He sounded like a very productive person with a great background in a lot of digital media. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kyle Letsom

    This guy is the nicest guy! I checked out my snowball mic from him. I agree with Chris: it really is cool to read about someone who works at Lane and what all his experiences were in this kind of study. As I love Star Wars, I will be checking out his fan film for sure! I am very intrigued to see it and to see the kind of work that he was able to put together. Thanks for sharing!


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