F18-P4 Audio: Pandas not…….

You in for a laugh? watch my embarrassing freshman year story about high school theater! Just before you judge my picture I love pandas a lot and have nothing against them the picture is a symbol of my story. I had a lot of fun finding effects to my audio gathering ideas from radio stations. Being able to create my own project was a really fun  experience to express myself not just on stage but behind a microphone now which, I could get used to.

All my effects were found on freesound.org this includes the ironical drum beat, The electronic baby laugh, and the school hallway. The story itself was done in two different takes using my own speaker and mic plugged to my computer.

How did I bring this embarrassing story from a long time ago you may ask? I was listening to a lot of comical podcasts recently. It was very surprising remembering that sometimes that comedians are open about sharing their own embarrassing stories really  get the best laugh out of the audience.  So knowing that boosted my confidence to share something very immature and embarrassing from high school because there is not a better time to show off yourself going through puberty than high school.


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