Life of a Workaholic.

With this assignment I originally thought I’d add sound effects to some amazing slam poetry i recently found but being unable to willingly write my own poetry for class I decided to add sound to a short story I wrote. I morphed the story into a recital form so it didn’t sound like i was reading an essay aloud. With sound added to a story I hoped to add depth into the basic acts of the day. The story wrote itself but it became difficult to find the exact sounds i wanted.

The story involves the surroundings and the ambient noise in the background. i wanted a more real life feel instead of cartoon-y background music. with this story i hoped to take the listener into the head of a single guy that is often called a workaholic. Always moving with something to do and minimal breaks, I hope this might be relate-able to at least a few others out there.

5 thoughts on “Life of a Workaholic.

  1. Alison

    Honestly relatable. Your voice is a little monotone but I feel like it fits with the general feeling of exhaustion. Very well done!

  2. Lucien

    Great pacing with the story. I like the quick cuts between each action in contrast with the slow parts when the mind of the character starts to wonder and daydream about the girl. There’s some films I’ve seen that have that same kind of quick shots and then a slow shot to tie the scene together. The background audio at times was a bit loud compared to the voice but didn’t take away from your story.

  3. Colin Gruener

    The story is great, and the audio presentation really brings it to life! I especially liked how fast, noisy, chaotic parts are juxtaposed with slower, quieter bits. It kind of represents how life can blaze by while also seeming to drag on. Plus, the story was relatable (“don’t turn on the tv…”)! Pacing was excellent, and I loved the sound effects. Having the sound effects on the loud side forces the listener into the scene. I had a perfect visualization in my head as the audio played by! Great work!

  4. Kyle

    I like your use of sound effects and how they flow with the story. Also you use a good amount of emotion in your voice which helps to sell what’s going on. I feel like I watched the whole thing!


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