The Flatwoods Monster – Retelling

I’ve always been a fan of horror audio podcasts, so I wanted to try to create one in that likeness. I’ve done small audio related things before, and I usually don’t use sound effects, referring to add mood music, but I think most of the SFX in this project did ultimately add to the projects effectiveness. I originally had a lot more descriptive audio of the characters but had to cut more and more in order to fit it into the audio limit.

I’m ultimately proud of how this turned out although I wish I could have kept some of the extra audio. I will admit I’m not usually confident in my own voice but I feel like my inflection was enough to keep with the mood. The Flatwoods Monster as a creature has always felt like one of those cryptids that was entirely based off of the mood of the time it was created in. I tried to use my language to make it feel more like the 50’s so I could capture that general feeling; using peoples full name, not using to many conjunctions, and just alluding to the time with the SFX as well, like the old radio, and the older sounding car.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, I hope you enjoyed, and even learned a thing or two, about the Flatwoods Monster.

5 thoughts on “The Flatwoods Monster – Retelling

  1. MaKayla

    I love the sound of your voice and how it captures the listener and makes them want to listen. Your voices were great as well! The sounds you added I think helped the story as well, and helped us as the listener really feel like we were there with them each step of the way. Good job!

  2. Kyle

    This story felt dramatic and you totally sold it. I think you nailed the creepy atmosphere and it’s really cool you wrote your own tale on this classic monster. Great sound effects and music, plus I feel like I was teleported back to a time before smartphones and computers. Your voice had good flow and pacing, and vocal inflection as well.

  3. Johnny Bruton

    Pretty much what everyone else said, I think that it is really cool that you wrote your own story, and the story telling was amazing. It made me want to keep listening even when it was over. Good Job!


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