Magical Girl Melody


This project was very fun for me. I feel that I’m a very creative person, I really enjoy making up stories and one of my biggest inspirations has always been anime; for this story I decided to make a “Magical girl” story, a Magical Girl is a girl with magical powers, there are a lot of Anime stories that involve Magical girls, which I really enjoy. When I was a small child, I really loved Magical Girls since they were strong and magical like super heroes, but their outfits and powers were more feminine and cuter. I decided to start organizing and filming my audio with Adobe Premiere, I then edited in Adobe Audacity to fine tune it. I used a snowball microphone that I was able to borrow from the Media Checkout, I really liked that microphone and would hope to buy it someday, although the echo would make me laugh sometimes. For this story I decided to take a satirical route, I tried making silly voices and adding funny sounds and music, I also tried writing out a funny dialog, but I’m not sure if It’ll cater to a wide audience, since I don’t find myself to be very comedic. I hope you like my story and thank you for checking it out!

Monica B.

3 thoughts on “Magical Girl Melody

  1. Hoa Ly Nguyen

    Hi Monica,
    Wow! You did an amazing job on this Audio. I never really did figure out how to change the pitch of my voice but it’s great you did. I liked how you decided to record something you’ve enjoyed since you were a small child. The audio was very creative and fun to listen to.

  2. Colin Gruener

    I really like how fast-paced the story and audio is, you don’t leave your audience waiting! The richness of the sounds, from the music, sound effects, and silly voices all condensed into a fast-paced mkae me want to listen over and over to catch all the hidden details! You also did a good job of capturing the overall cutesy aesthetic of magical girl anime! Great work!

  3. Kyle

    I really love how well you nailed this style of genre. It was funny, quick, engaging, and interesting. Through the whole thing I was wondering what was gonna’ happen next, and laughing with each story beat. I also think you did a really good job of voice acting for all the different characters too.


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