When I first jumped into this project, I was really excited to get right into editing. I had so many ideas on what topic I wanted to choose for this assignment, I had a really hard time picking what I wanted to do most. So I chose to do a short story that was about kindness. I used Adobe Audition to edit all my work. I found it really easy to line up everything in the way that I wanted and with what sounded good. When i first started recording, I began to hate the sound of my voice. After a few hours of editing, I got past that point and started to enjoy making this story. I used many different sound effects and even created my own. I ended up downloading a lot more sound effects then I used. I went to many different websites to get my sounds and music and I plan on going back to get more for further projects

My sites that I used.  




and I also created my own.

Free Music Archive: Instrumental was where i got the song.

I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “F18-OrtloffC-P4-Audio

  1. MaKayla

    I love this, and think your voice and how you tell the story makes me want to listen to it. I think your use of the music and having it cued for when something happens is timed very nicely. Good job!

  2. Lucien

    The story you chose was fit well with the times, I see homeless people getting kicked out of places all the time. With the tone of your voice you portrayed the awkardness between the characters nicely. The mixdown volume was good and the levels for each track fit well with eachother. Good work no doubt!

  3. HL

    Awesome job on the audio, Chris! You’re voice and the music go beautifully together and the sound effects sound spot on. You should do more of these in the future to come…

  4. Colin

    The story is an excellent one, and your audio interpretation really does it justice! The pacing is perfect and really lets the information and emotions sink in. The voice also gives a nice feeling to it. The dynamic music is also really good, especially how it picks up towards the end to give a hopeful feeling. Great job!


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