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Creative Impatience is a blog by Polish freelance creator Bartlomiej Walczak. Originally being a graphic designer and web developer, Bartlo moved into video editing over a decade ago. Bartlo specializes in post production editing, one of his specialties being After Effects. Because of this I decided to choose his blog, due to the fact that After Effects is what originally got me interested in the idea of videography, cinematography and photography.

In the blog there are a plethora of tools to help you jumpstart and hone your skills in Premiere Pro and After Effects through free plugins as well as video tutorials. His plugins and tutorials are for a variety of different things, such as effects, animation, color, lighting, etc.  Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.49.21 AM

At first sight the website is simple and not necessarily an eye sore, although I would say that the blog looks a little outdated visually. I believe this is most likely due to the fact that Walczak isn’t posting daily and since the blog has been around for a long amount of time it could use a revamp aesthetically. The content is what we’re really here for though, which is great to learn some simple techniques and boost your beginner skills in Adobe applications and the easily navigable site makes it easy to do just that.



2 thoughts on “Creative Impatience

  1. Colin Gruener

    This blog looks super cool! I like how it is dedicated to learning intimidating as Premiere or After Effects. Plus video effects and the sort all interest me so this looks a good place to help me get a foothold!

  2. Monica Bustos

    Hi Isiah, thank you so much for sharing this blog with us; I’ve recently become more interested with multimedia, specially animation since I’ve always been fond of anime, so I’ve been wanting to learn about After Effects but was a bit to scared to start on my own. I think this blog will be very useful for me since I want to start animating my art pretty soon, plus I’ve always enjoyed learning new things. I also really enjoyed the way you wrote your blog post, your language was very refined which made it easier and pleasant to read, in my opinion. Thank you again!

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