Found it! is an amazing blog for the new age of journalism. In this blog Adam Tinworth teaches journalism for the new age of writing. He describes how to adjust with the new media such as web design and social medias. Adam is a teacher of Journalism in the UK and has been a working journalist for 20 years. He has ran a blog for 15 years and continues to give tips and tricks he learns along the way. Screenshot (1)

As you can see he includes brilliant quotes and articles from the past that are still proven to be relevant today. With two decades of journalism experience under his belt he has had to adapt to the new age of writing for the web. Newspapers used to be the package of articles everyone had to read for the news, but with the introduction of the internet newsrooms were forced to shift dramatically into the digital age. Screenshot (51)

In his blog, Adam discuss’ events in the UK and showcases panels of elite journalists and professors. He gives invaluable insight that not many people have access to for free! OneMan&HisBlog even discusses how media arts has shifted how we deliver the news. This blog has endless knowledge on the in’s and out’s of how journalists work. I would recommend this site to any entry level journalist or even someone interested in the production of the news.

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2 thoughts on “Found it!

  1. Kyle

    I know next to nothing about journalism but this seems like a great place to start gaining some knowledge. It’s always good to learn more about writing, journalistic integrity, and a field I may be adjacent to at some point.

  2. Johnny Bruton

    This is a really nice choice! Another blog that I ended up spending way too much time reading. I am a Journalism and Media Arts double-major, so this is a super relevant website to my intended career path, I bookmarked it and will read more later when I have more time.

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