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Creative Bloq has everything I need has an artist’s source for information and inspiration. They also include product reviews for the best tools of the trade which help give you an idea of whats out there for creative purposes. Clicking the All Topics menu brings you to a list of well rounded industry topics including software, hardware, how to’s, even tips and tricks in the field of creative production work. Theres even articles about Street Art.

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As an artist who branches out anywhere from Drawing to 3D to Music, this place has plenty for me to fill my head with information and ideas to help push me as an artist to hopefully keep creating. The technology news it provides includes up to date articles of whats happening out there in the industry. If you have a chance to checkout the site, go to the All Topics and find the WordPress articles to help build that site you have been waiting for, and showcase that portfolio of yours.

I will probably use this site quite a bit when finding information that can help, I might even subscribe to the magazines they provide. Just from quickly browsing the site I have already found and bookmarked articles that sparked my interest, and have found plenty of links to other websites to find additional information.

All in all its an easy site to navigate, and is very to the point when announcing something. I hope this helped provide you with a new source to grow that imagination of yours. Also, check out The Gnomon Workshop. It has been a favorite of mine when seeking amazing works of art, finding artists and discovering the possibilities out there.

~LMGL 10/15/18

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