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The name of the Blog I chose to write about is “Woodsy Studio,”


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This website is home for the Visual Novel Developing studio, “Woodsy Studios.” A visual novel is a video game that is more focused on the art of storytelling than game play; there is some agreement however, when it comes to categorizing a visual novel as a video game because of it’s lack of game play. As a person that has always loved anime, video games, storytelling and illustrating, I find Visual Novels very appealing, and would like to challenge myself by creating one, on my own one day.

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I find this blog very useful and interesting since it talks about the process of making a visual novel, updates of progress on their projects, links to their “patreon” and recently, some job opportunities in the voice acting department.

I think this website can serve as an example of what a professional Visual Novel Developer blog, should look like. I also believe that because of their concise and frequent updates, it shows us a glimpse of what the process of making a visual novel is, and how to look for help or talent for your project, since they seem to be open to looking for personnel outside their production circle.

A really cool, and unique feature this website has, is a quiz that you can take that can match you to one of their visual novels, that you might enjoy due to your interests and other factors. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, and found it to be very clever when it comes to capturing the attention of a potential customer or client.

I believe this website is of very high quality, the home page is interesting and eye catching, it’s very easy to navigate and clearly organized. If you’re interested in illustrating, storytelling video games, and production of a project such as this one, I highly recommend checking out this blog and doing some more research on visual novels.

-by Monica B

2 thoughts on ““Woodsy Studio”: Visual Novel Developing Blog

  1. MaKayla Stumph

    I like visual novels, and definitely found this site interesting, and will be looking more into it in the future. Thanks for the good find!

  2. Colin Gruener

    I really like how you chose a very unique blog. It isn’t about photography/graphic design/cinematography which many other people chose for their blogs. Instead, it’s a game development blog, and on top of that a visual novel developing blog! Talk about unique!! Visual novels, I believe, aren’t popular enough and are often dismissed. I always like it when I see someone respecting visual novels! This blog also kind of reminds me of when I made some visual novels for projects in high school…


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