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I found this site immediately interesting because of the aesthetic as well as the amount of articles avaliable. Theres a lot of media to consume that catches the eye. The site also has a plethora of resources for illustrators, online classes, books, and podcasts, to use or simply look into. I think even if a viewer isn’t a illustrator, people who are interested in art and comics would find it enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.28.20 AM

Amongst it’s many resources I looked into the Freelance Folder to help educate myself on becoming a Freelance artist in my free time.

Interestingly enough the site is also produced by WordPress, although it has it’s own personal domain. The about page mentions the creator of Illustration Age, Thomas James, but no other team members, although considering the amount of media, as well as their other social media, I’m sure he has a larger team behind him.

As far as quality, while the art featured is phenomenal, majority of it’s posts are collections of illustrations with little to no text to context them.

The last link has absolutely no text involved, other then a link to the authors website. While text isn’t necessarily required to look at art, for a blog it does seem strange.

The text is minimal and kept short, even in text heavy posts, like the Q&A with comic artist Aminder Dhaliwal,

I personally would have liked to see more text, contextualizing the art, introducing the artist better, or possibly even analyzing the featured artwork to act as a example artwork for newer illustrators to strive toward.

2 thoughts on “Blog Searches!

  1. MaKayla Stumph

    I’ve always wanted to try out illustration, and see what all goes into this field. I will definitely be taking advantage of the tutorials!

  2. Colin Gruener

    I really like how you chose a blog that is all about digital illustration and making comics! Comic and cartoon making seem like really cool things to do, and I’d love to try my hand at it someday! Great find!

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