RP: About Me

I grew up here in Eugene and I’m a first time student at Lane studying multimedia design.  I’ve mostly been into photography as far as art goes but I’m trying to explore and definitely want to be working with more video.  My favorite place to shoot is at concerts, and I’d love to make a music video someday.  A lot of my friends are musicians so I’ve been commissioned to make cover art for albums, it’d be cool to be able to expand my skill set and create more with the people I care about!  I’m also on a dance team and like to read and watercolor ?  Looking forward to getting to know and working with you guys.


by: Rachael Plant

3 thoughts on “RP: About Me

  1. Alberto

    Making music has always been something I would love to learn as well I’ve been in a couple musicals and play guitar but am currently doing choir its definitely interesting and love it.

  2. Johnny Bruton

    Hey Rachel. I love your last name!
    It’s cool that you like to shoot concerts, in my opinion those are some of the hardest photos to take. Getting the lighting right, with all of the motion, is way difficult for me. I am more of a nature/landscape photographer, although I am also interested in photojournalism and documentary photography.
    It’s also cool that you are making the transition into video.

    -Johnny B

  3. H.L.

    Hi Rachel,

    What kind of dancing do you do? That’s neat how you photograph at concerts. I’ve been to one concert before and it was the hardest place to take good pictures but it’s great you can.


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