F18-P1 About Me…


Hello hello,

My name is Lucien M. Guidotti-Lawrence, and here is where I begin to tell you about myself. I usually don’t share the things I’ve done and/or haven’t done with my life, but I suppose now I should start somewhere. It’s hard to look back on it all and say the interesting things and leave out boring nonsense. So then, I suppose I’m where I am today because of barriers and catalysts that of which made me do something, and/or not do something. Procrastination has given me the tools to ponder all the big little things I “Dream” of becoming. But who knows, and why should I know? I’ve lived in many cities and towns, not knowing before hand that I would ever reside there. It kind of just happens, just like picking and choosing the details to share about a small spec of dust in history.

When it comes to artwork, saying something, or even anything at all is a very big task. Now matter how easy it may come, there are still limitations we create for ourselves. Whether it be drawing something proportionately, or shading those highlights and shadows to create a realistic light source. Either way I’m slowly learning it doesn’t matter. It’s doesn’t actually matter because if someone likes or doesn’t like the work you do, if they understand what the message is and are willing to interpret it the same way that you do, they will appreciate it for however much time the have to spare. And that is why I love art. Because being understood is the best thing you can do for yourself, no matter how much people even take the time to notice the details, as long as they support you in your ideas, that’s a win win.

This is why I have begun a process to re-find myself by going back to school. Forcing my hand to draw, my fingers to type and to click all over a screen to find and create something real. It’s easy to think about all the things you want to do in life, but what is it like to actually try and achieve those pacing thoughts, meandering like gas molecules in an brain to full to do anything, waiting to sublimate into a solid stagnate lump of “I’m actually not doing anything, but if I think about it hard enough maybe it could happen.” Until it’s so far gone you’re stuck where you are as opposed to where you could have been.

It takes the time we don’t have to make the time to do it, so if not now when? I haven’t found a better time other than now to at least try.


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