Who am I?!

Yes, I am balancing a snowball my head!

By Colin Gruener.

Who am I? That is a very good question to ask, not just for people who don’t know me, but also for myself! A simple answer would be: I am Colin Gruener. A more detailed one would be: an 18-year-old guy who’s fresh out of high school and on a quest to find and choose a career that he will love.

Let’s find out more about me!

I love being creative, but I am also passionate for working with technology. I have worked a lot with my high school theater working backstage on productions by constructing sets and designing lighting and sounds. I also dabbled a little bit in web design and game design. As a result, I find myself in Intro to Media Arts to help me pick a route out of the many possible careers in media arts!

One of my favorite things to do is to go biking. Of course, that’s not surprise considering that I was born and raised in Eugene, OR! I love to enjoy the outdoors, and my favorite way to do so is to go on a bike ride. Whether that means biking to meet friends, exploring Eugene’s beautiful paths, running errands or biking up the Old McKenzie Highway, I will always be out there pedaling away!

If I’m not biking, I am probably comfortably stationed in my home, watching Hulu, browsing Reddit, playing games on my 3DS or binge-reading Harry Potter or manga!!

5 thoughts on “Who am I?!

  1. Kyle

    That’s so awesome, lighting is an extremely important part of production and it sounds like you got it down pat! You’ll have to recommend me a good manga sometime.


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