Hola everyone my name is Alberto this is my first year in Multimedia. I was born and raised in Cottage Grove and attended high school at Cottage Grove. My desire to become a media artist originated from my love in theater. Knowing how to work behind the scenes is my goal. Achieving that will assist me drawing my portrait the way I want to on camera20180315_115106

5 thoughts on “Hola

  1. David Galbreath

    having a behind the scene job on plays and broadway like production sounds like an awesome position! i use to do do scene tech in high school plays and i thoroughly enjoyed it, good luck!

  2. Colin Gruener

    My involvement in my high school’s theater department is also what got me to look into media arts at LCC. I love doing backstage work, whether that would be working on sets, lighting or sound! I always love it when my hard work gets put to life on stage!

  3. MaKayla Stumph

    What a coiwinky dink! I’m a fellow Grover as well! When I was at the high school I helped out on a few of the theatre shows with helping build and move sets. Rusty was the Director/Drama Teacher while I was there, I don’t know if you knew her or had at all, but hanging around a lot of the drama kids was definitely fun!

  4. H.L.

    Hello Alberto,
    Welcome to your first year in Multimedia! That’s awesome how you’re love theater and I think working behind the scenes is a great choice.


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