I’m a bit introverted and shy,  but here’s the rundown on what you need to know!

I’m MaKayla! I’m 22 years old and although I was not born in Oregon, I’ve been here the majority of my life living in small-town Cottage Grove. I’m a returning student to LCC, and decided to come back to lane and pursue a multimedia degree. I’ve been fascinated with animation, cartoon/concept art, and the creation of stories; since I was young, and hope to go down the animation/storyboarding route. Possibly even delve into some photography.40330337_2133410520053565_2584967084035276800_n

I’m a traditional artist! I’ve been drawing and painting since I was about 13. I enjoy drawing people and painting landscapes. (Bob Ross is the painting Wizard and I will swear up and down about it) I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, hanging out with my three doggo’s, being an aunt to my adorable niece and nephew, playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, watching Critical Role, and writing.

I’m very passionate about my art and can get quite ambitious with it, sometimes biting off more than I can chew, but I always make it work somehow. I enjoy trying out different mediums, and have recently expanded into video and photography. Writing with my friends is one of my favorite hobbies and pastimes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming up with different characters and writing short stories with my friends, and really fleshing those characters out. I especially enjoy drawing them and bringing them to life.

I’m a major nerd in many things, but especially dungeons and dragons. I love the challenges it brings, being able to hang out with my friends, seeing what shenanigans I can get away with, the quick thinking, and overall the story that can be created by playing.

I’m going to stop rambling before I bore you all to death! Thanks for reading! ?

By: MaKayla

3 thoughts on “Heyo!

  1. Alison

    Hey! I’m a huge fan of dungeons and dragons too! I’m excited to see what you’re going to create in this class, and I’d love to learn about your art and characters as well! I get the feeling you and I are gonna get along 🙂

  2. H.M.

    Hello MaKayla,

    It’s really cool how you embrace the arts. I also embrace the arts. I have a mother who is an artist, and teaches art to teachers, and a father who is very tech like in many ways. In the picture above, I was wondering, what kind of dogs are you two holding?
    Good luck in your career!


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